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A picture is worth a thousand words…..   Here are some of our special moments captured.


Shiloh & Bella – 2 weeks old

Stronger and cuter every day !

Stronger and cuter every day !

The puppies have had a monumental week with the biggest event being the opening of eyes !!   Even though the puppies can’t see things that clearly yet – the very fact that their eyes are open adds a whole new dimension to their development.    Their little personalities seem to come alive once you can gaze into those sweet brown eyes 🙂

The puppies still spend the majority of their day in dreamland…. One wonders what they must dream about at this age ??   but they are often heard making little sounds as they run through fields of clover in their dreams and enjoy whatever puppy fantasies one would have at two weeks old.     Bella is a great mum and continues to watch over her babies day and night with complete devotion.   She has enjoyed going on our daily walks with all of her “adult” friends — but there is never any doubt that her puppies are her first and foremost priority.

The puppies have become more mobile on their feet, but their favourite activity still seems to be huddling together in a little heap with brothers and sisters to stay together.   It will be exciting to watch them over this next week as they become more aware of the world around them ….

Pretty as a picture

Dreamkeeper puppy – “Miss Sky” from Can CH Zampanzar Jungle Joy X Can CH Gofetch Gold-n-Diamonds at 5 weeks old

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

Puppies from our litter by Ch Baron of Stanroph du Domaine des Rives de L’Erdre X Ch Tramin Vanilla Ice Cream

Some kind of Wonderful !

Chloe (Dreamkeeper It Had to Be You) with Josh on location: Skeleton Lake, Ontario

A Golden Winter

Chloe, Sparkle and Juliet (Dreamkeeper It Had to Be You, Gofetch Gold n Diamonds, and Dreamkeeper Jewel of Zamora)

A boy and his dog

Josh enjoying our November walk – without snow – along with our matriarch Daisy (Multi CH Tramin Vanilla IceCream)

Reflecting on the fall of 2011

Giorgio Armani from our “Dreamkeeper Designer litter” by CH Mad About You de Ria Vela and Ch Raynox Face the Fact  (via AI)